Football Section of the Sportverein Studentenstadt Freimann e.V.

The Team

The football team is a section of the Sportverein Studentenstadt Freimann e.V.
We are an international club of students and non-students who want to meet new people, stay fit and, have fun but also play in a competitive environment.

The Competition

We were playing in the Bayerische Fussball-Verband for several years but in 2016 we decided to move to the Royal Bavarian Liga. With this change, we are able to have more fun but still be a competitive team with regular matches and training sessions.
We are more flexible (new players can be signed quicker), we can play more often during the week and the atmosphere in this league is more relaxed with the focus on playing nice football.

Check the information of our teams on the Royal Bavarian Liga Web Page:
SV Studentenstadt I
SV Studentenstadt II

Where do we play

The training take place near Studentenstadt (U6). During the season (March-November) we train outdoors twice per week:
Stusta Sportsplatz
During the winter (November-March) we train indoors to keep in shape:
Stusta Sportshalle

The training times and days can vary from year to year. If you want to join us or just have some more information contact us!

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